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Be The Change You Want To See In The World.

So many people want to change the world but no one thinks of changing him or herself. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE: The world is always changing. Things are changing every single second of your life. For instance, things are not just changing when war is in effect, when there is a massive shooting or tragedy, when you decide to divorce your spouse, or when you lose your job and go bankrupt. Everything living around you (including yourself) is constantly growing and developing into something better or worse than it was before. As a matter of fact, the world requires absolutely nothing from you to change. Leaves and wildlife, popularity, crime, war, you and personal appearance, relationships; these are all prime examples of things that will change every day and these are things that we will never become capable of controlling. But we CAN control ourselves. Aside from the one thing that we have complete control over, the one thing that we as human beings have absolutely no control over is time. Most people, at one point or another in their lives will have a breakdown based off of the realization and fear that time is limited. Scientifically and realistically, that is a true statement, however, what people do not realize is that your time is only limited if you allow time to limit yourself. How can one change their motivation towards what they believe should alter in life without changing themselves first? How can we motivate ourselves? That’s where personal growth comes into play.

If there is something you personally have been dying to change such as your habits, your relationships, your income, your weight, poverty, or even something as great as world peace; that’s when you ask yourself the question “How?” No matter what your solution is, the right solution will always begin with “I need to….” Merely uttering those three words allows us to judge ourselves. This is where things get tricky because once people do come to realize that they have the power to change anything they want to, they will go in one of two directions. They will come up with the wrong solutions and decide that they can make changes through violence, being overly aggressive, and causing others pain.┬áThat’s where people start to feed off of things like praise they think they should receive or power. It is also possible and common for people to come up with the right solutions by slowly beginning to change things based on their intellect, compassion, and strong mentality. This is where people start to truly make a positive impact for themselves and for others through actually successfully changing the things they want to. These are the people who will teach themselves to be prepared for whatever will come later in their life. This can be scary in that aspect of not knowing who is a good person and who is not.

Sure, there are a lot of bad people in this world. But the optimistic way to look at things is that there are more good people on this Earth than there are bad people. Statistically and thankfully, this is true. Good or bad, we are all people. Right? We all want something for ourselves. Even the happiest, most fulfilled people in life will search for something greater at some point. Whether its that money is not enough, love is lacking in our existence, or that we has humans feel that we have absolutely nothing at all; we all want change for the greater. Some of us just seek it out in the wrong ways. Trial and error.

Most of us will make mistakes in life and not just once. The first step to learning from those mistakes is to realize what you need to change and the second step is to be resourceful in figuring out how you can change it? Over thinking is a common error that most people make. Do not waste your time thinking too much or you’ll never make a decision. Most of the time, there is nothing to think about. If you want something to change, change it. JUST DO IT!

Remember, you have complete control over yourself! Do not ever forget that you have so much power and ability. Your possibilities are endless! No one can change the world or everything in their life all at once. Start small by changing one thing at a time. I wish I could help every single person on Earth. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do that and realizing that has allowed me to receive fulfillment through small acts of kindness such as; helping someone cross the street, giving a homeless person my leftovers, changing my attitude when it’s effecting the ambiance in a room full of others, and just doing anything i can to create a richer and more fruitful environment. Even a small change can allow us to create one more good thing that happens on Earth in a day.

Is the saying “be the change you want to see in this world” true? ABSOLUTELY.