It’s Okay To Do Nothing.

So many of us stress ourselves out over the things we think we should be doing whether it’s because society tells us we should or because a part of us truly feels that way. Depending on the type of individual you are and the things in life that drive you, you may get down on yourself for a number of things. Not going to school, not being in a relationship, sitting on your couch all day long watching movies, having a drink, sneaking a blunt here or there, spending a little extra money than you wanted to, and not working out for a few days in a row are all examples of things we can be hard on ourselves about.

Have you ever thought about how driving yourself nuts over those insignificant things may be what’s bringing you down? I say that it’s okay to do nothing! Everyone should enjoy their life. Consider the day you are presently in and have fun. If you want to be lazy and sit inside all day, then by all means enjoy it. Do not sit there and drive yourself insane with negative thoughts such as “I should be doing something productive” and “I’m doing nothing with my life.” Maybe you should be doing something productive but if that’s what you wanted to be doing, you would be doing it. Thoughts like that lead to deeper thoughts like “Why don’t I have a degree?” and “I can’t believe I spent money on a couple of beers last night.” What people do not realize is that those things are okay!

When you think pessimistically and have a gloomy outlook, chances are that you are going to increase your paranoia and make yourself unhappy. But why would you be unhappy? All because of the things you have convinced yourself of. That doesn’t seem right. I think that you work hard for your money and if you are a responsible individual, there is nothing wrong with spending a little extra money, enjoying a drink, or taking the day to relax. None of these things will kill you. This is your life and you deserve to spend each day the way you consciously want to. Don’t beat yourself up or get mad over things your paranoid about. Tomorrow is a new day and you should be glad that you enjoyed this one.

If you strongly feel you should ever be doing something different, then do it! You are too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. If you don’t do those things you rack your brain about and torture yourself over, chances are that you truly do not want to do those things at that present moment. Optimism is key & there is always a bright side. So have fun and enjoy the moment by doing what you want to be doing; even if it’s nothing.


3 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Do Nothing.

  1. roamintwin

    I am a positive person, but for some reason I am feeling down about how much sleep I got this weekend! In all reality, my body just needed to shut down for a bit, but I had SOOO much to get done! UGH! Oh well, that is why we get a weekend once a week 🙂

    Thanks for this post and the reminder! Happy Monday!

  2. emmaroseblog

    I love this topic, Nicole! I think we all feel this way sometimes, and it’s important for us to know we’re not alone. I think today’s media and social networking sites exacerbate this problem, pressuring us to live up to the people and lifestyles portrayed online and on t.v. Through these mediums, we spend more time than we should looking at what others are doing and comparing ourselves with others whom we perceive as more accomplished, better skilled, more fortunate, etc. It makes us feel guilty for taking a break, acting irresponsible, falling short of an occasional goal, or having a bad hair day. What we really need to do is establish goals and standards for ourselves that are not based on outside pressures or opinions, or notions of success we have adopted rather than created. Great ideas and great writing, love!:)

  3. Make Something Mondays

    I’m all about getting stuff done, but you are right. Sometimes you just need to take a breather and do nothing. Clear your mind. Relax your body. At least someone in this universe agrees with me! Great post!


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